New eBook from Würth Elektronik and Mouser Untangles the Complexities of Electromagnetic Compatibility Design

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Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, announces a new eBook in collaboration with Würth Elektronik, exploring the ways in which new electronic designs incorporate high-speed data transfer, connectivity, wireless power, battery management and near-field communication into a single device. In Behind the Mystery of Electromagnetic Compatibility Design, subject matter experts from Würth Elektronik and Mouser offer rich analyses of some of the most important breakthrough technologies in electronic component design, and how those solutions can improve electromagnetic behavior.

While modern electronic designs have evolved to incorporate an increasing number of components and applications, they must still contend with the same electromagnetic environment that carries a huge risk of interference. The Behind the Mystery of Electromagnetic Compatibility Design eBook features four detailed articles plus product information for more than a dozen Würth Elektronik solutions, allowing readers to quickly find and learn more about the components needed for advanced electromagnetic compatibility design.

WCAP-CSGP general-purpose MLCCs are high-performance ceramic capacitors suitable for temperature compensation, filtering, coupling, decoupling, and bypass applications. Würth Elektronik’s WE-XHMI Xtreme high current inductors feature an insulated flat wire coil for low copper losses, as well as composite core material for high saturation currents. The inductors can be used in a range of devices including graphics cards, multiphase converters, laptops, and battery-powered devices.

The WE-CMB common mode power line inductors deliver high suppression of asymmetric interferences, even at low-frequency ranges, while also providing broadband screening through a low-capacitance winding technique. The inductors are an ideal choice for power electronics and radio interference suppression in motors.

Mouser stocks a wide range of Würth Elektronik products, including capacitors, transformers, power modules, and automotive-qualified passive components. To learn more about Würth Elektronik, visit To read the new eBook, go to

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