Murata’s eighth brick DC/DC modules have ultra wide Vin range for improved system availability

by donpedro

Murata Power Solutions’ UWE eighth brick DC/DC power modules are the industry’s first 1/8 brick to deliver 12Vout at 120W from a nominal 12V, 24V or 28VDC source.

The UWE-12/10-Q12xx-C series’ 4:1 Vin range of 9-36V, industry standard DOSA compliant form-factor, optional integrated baseplate and high efficiency makes it ideal for high reliability systems & systems requiring battery back up. The UWE-12/10-Q12xx-C will operate down to 9Vin allowing longer battery discharge times in the event of a source failure. The 91+% efficiency rating of these modules also means that they will operate in harsh environments and require less cooling hardware compared to equivalent (larger) power modules. Significant overall system cost reductions can be achieved when employing this eighth brick solution compared to equivalent quarter or half brick solutions.
The UWE-12/10-Q12xx-C is an ideal choice for high reliability – industrial, transportation and telecommunications equipment requiring 12Vdc from a source of 12V, 24V or 28VDC. Murata developed the UWE-12/10-Q12xx-C to address the need for a 12Vout DC/DC converter able to deliver 120W and provide 2250Vdc input to output isolation from a 9-36V source. Designed to offer the power systems architect options that include an optional baseplate for conduction cooling applications, positive or negative logic control and features, 2250Vdc I/O isolation, output over voltage protection, thermal shutdown, current limit / short circuit protection and Vout adjust (±10%).
The UWE-12/10-Q12-C isolated DC/DC power converter represents the next generation converters in the industry standard eighth brick package with up to 120W of available output power. These DC/DC converters are designed for systems employing distributed power architectures or intermediate bus architectures in applications that include but not limited to battery charging/back-up systems, telecommunications, lighting applications, motor control, robotics and anywhere that 12V @ 120W is required from a 9-36Vdc source including applications where extreme operating temperatures will be required The modules feature an operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C.


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