ERICSSON 400W power interface module simplifies Low-EMI design in ATCA applications

by donpedro

Ericsson Power Modules announces the PIM4328P, a new 390-540W power interface module (PIM) compliant with the 300W de facto industry-standard footprint. The quarter-brick PIM4328P is optimized to simplify design in blade servers based on Advanced TCA (PICMG 3.0) systems. Ericsson’s low-EMI design rules and best practices ensure that minimal external filtering is needed to meet the CISPR Class B EMC standards required for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) applications. Ripple and noise are minimized, circuit design is simplified, and both parts count and system costs are reduced, without compromising performance. Based on Ericsson’s energy optimized platform, the PIM4328P operates over an input range of 36V to 75V and the main unit is able to sustain a permanent output current of 10A without forced airflow up to +70 degree C and up to +90 degree C with only 2.0m/s (400LFM). Output power is 390W at minimum 39V input and up to 540W when the input is minimum 54V. This allows headroom when there is a need to upgrade boards with new processors or additional memory in systems operating in battery or non-battery back-up applications.

Ericsson Power Modules

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