Kit Stepper motor control

by donpedro

A 6-branch stepper motor can be operated at this kit. The kit works without computer. For motors 6 – 12 V/DC, max. branch current 1.5 A. Adjustable impulse sequence approx. 15 – 240 per second. In order to switch over the sense of rotation of the motor, a switch 2 x change over is required (not included in the kit). The operating voltage depends on the motor which is used respectively
(6 – 12 V/DC).

Technical data:
Operating voltage: 6 – 12 V/DC
Max. phase current: 1.5 A
For stepper motors: 6-phases
Impulse sequence: adjustable from approx. 15 – 240 Hz
Board dimensions: approx. 55 x 55 mm


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