Ac-Dc Power Supplies Ensure Continuous Operation with Addition of Battery Charging and Back-Up Features

by donpedro

CUI Inc announced the release of a new ac-dc power supply family targeting applications that demand 100% uptime. Available in 75 W, 100 W and 155 W

configurations, the PSF series is designed with built-in battery charging and back-up functionality. Under normal operating conditions, the units are able to charge the stand-by battery and also supply direct power to the load. In the event of electrical power (AC) failure, the PSF series automatically switches to DC power from the battery source to ensure continuous operation of the system. The PSF series accommodates a universal input voltage of 90~264 Vac and is available in two different output formats. The dual output version features 13.8V and 27.6V – one output goes towards powering the load, while the other output is available to charge the battery. The triple output models include an additional 5V, 3A regulated output. The PSF series comes with built-in protections that add a great deal of flexibility and decrease complexity for the system designer.
Protections include brownout (due to low AC input voltage), battery low cut-off, and battery polarity by resettable fuse. These features are in addition to over-load, output over-voltage, constant current limit, and short circuit protections.


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