3-Phase BLDC motor gate drivers from Microchip integrate power module, LIN transceiver and sleep mode

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3-Phase BLDC motor gate drivers from Microchip integrate power module, LIN transceiver and Microchip announces two new 3-phase Brushless DC (BLDC) motor gate drivers with integrated power module, LIN transceiver and Sleep mode: the

MCP8025 and MCP8026 (MCP8025/6). These devices can power a broad range of Microchip’s dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) and PIC® microcontrollers (MCUs), complementing their control algorithms by driving MOSFETs, sensing current, preventing short circuits, outputting zero crosses, controlling dead time and blanking time, and monitoring for fault conditions such as over/under-voltage, over-temperature and other thermal warnings. This combination enables Microchip to provide a complete motor control and drive solution for a broad range of automotive and industrial applications. In addition, the new drivers’ 150°Celsius ambient temperature, low sleep current of 5µA (typ.) and LIN transceiver make them particularly well suited for automotive designs, such as those that operate under the hood, such as pumps and HVAC blowers, or need to reduce key-off power consumption. The on-chip LIN transceiver is compliant with the LIN Bus 2.1 and SAE J2602 standards, as well as the previous-generation LIN 1.X standards.
The MCP8025/6 are highly integrated brushless motor drivers that reduce the resources needed from the MCU or DSC used for control, therefore lowering both component counts and overall BOM costs while providing maximum design flexibility. For example, these drivers integrate a LIN transceiver, voltage regulator, op amp and over-current comparator, in addition to configurable housekeeping functions. Battery-powered or energy-efficient motor applications in the industrial and automotive sectors can benefit from the combination of their 5µA (typ.) Sleep mode, as well as the drivers’ low-power standby mode, which enables them to act as either Master or Slave. Additionally, the MCP8025/6’s adjustable buck regulator is among the industry’s most efficient for stepping down from 12V supplies to power 3V and 5V MCUs.

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www.microchip.com/get/D3EGsleep mode

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