Low-Power Microcontroller Provides Low Power, Superior Precision, and the Highest Level of Security for Wellness Metric Measurements

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Demonstrating its commitment to the wearables market, Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. will preview its Wellness Platform at electronica 2014. The new Wellness Platform is

a suite of design hardware and software, including the WASP/MAX32600 microcontroller unit (MCU), for wearable medical applications. Using this flexible and scalable platform, designers will be able to optimize wellness device performance and lower their R&D costs, all while meeting stringent time-to-market requirements.
Wearable medical and fitness devices empower people to live healthier lives. To enable the comfort, wearability, and effectiveness of new body-worn devices, Maxim is coordinating a company-wide initiative to develop products for wearable solutions. The Wellness Platform provides power and battery management, digital processing, highly integrated sensors, ultra-low-power communications, and industry-leading security. With wellness applications developing quickly, Maxim will continue to expand this product portfolio.
At the heart of the Wellness Platform is MAX32600, a highly integrated ARM® Cortex®-M3 low-power microcontroller with high-precision analog performance. Its integrated Trust Protection Unit provides the highest level of security with onboard public key authentication, data encryption, and tamper detection. This integrated security ensures that data cannot be compromised. Requiring minimal discretes, the onboard, highly configurable analog front-end (AFE) includes high current LED drivers and facilitates one or more wellness metric measurements, such as heart rate monitoring (HRM) and galvanic skin response (GSR). The MAX32600 is available in 192-ball, 12mm × 12mm CTBGA, 120-ball, 7mm × 7mm CTBGA, and 108-ball WLP packages.
A Product on Module (PoM) board and a separate application board with medical wellness sensors is being created using components from the Wellness Platform. This board will program the ARM microcontroller, configure built-in analog peripherals, operate with built-in security, drive the RF links and sensors, and manage the system power. The PoM board will be an easy-to-use, high-quality turnkey solution for a wide range of customers. Communication, sensors, and human machine interface functions are integrated so the user has a complete system-level solution. To achieve scalability, the PoM will be compatible with multiple applicat ion boards through the expansion connector. An Android® demo GUI application running on a smartphone or tablet will be available to chart the readings from the PoM.

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