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With an operating temperature range of up to +105°C and a quiescent current of only 12μA, this new 18V, 500mA buck Micro DC/DC from TOREX is a welcome addition to the ever expanding range of ultra-small Micro DC/DCs from TOREX!

The XCL225/26 series is a 1.2MHz synchronous step-down Micro DC/DC converter with integrated inductor in an ultra-small 3.0× 3.0×1.6mm DFN3030-10B package. Integration of the inductor simplifies the board layout and minimizes any unwanted radiated noise. A stable and efficient power supply circuit can be configured by simply adding only two ceramic capacitors externally thereby contributing to PCB space saving and the shortening of development time.

With a P-Ch High Side Switch to ensure low voltage operation and 100% max duty ratio, the XCL225/26 can operate from 3.0~18.0V and deliver loads up to 500mA making it an ideal replacement for inefficient linear regulators used in many industrial applications. Output voltage is set externally within a range of 1.0~15.0V and the new XCL225/26 is designed for very high efficiencies at low output loads.
In addition, this new Micro DC/DC features low quiescent current (12 μA) and ultra-low output ripple voltage. The XCL225/26 includes Over Current and Short-circuit protection, adjustable soft start and a power good output. The operating ambient temperature range is -40°C~+105°C.
Many traditional mid-voltage DC/DC converters use an N-Ch MOSFET for the High Side switch. Whilst an N-Ch FET is excellent for High Speed Switching it normally needs a special bootstrap circuit to drive it. A bootstrap circuit has the advantage of being simple and low cost, but it also has limitations. The duty-cycle and on time is limited by the requirement to refresh the charge in the bootstrap capacitor, which means the maximum duty ratio can never be 100% and this has implications when the input voltage goes below VOUT.
The XCL225/26 uses a P-Ch MOSFET for the High Side Switch that does not need a bootstrap circuit, so the maximum duty ratio can be 100%. This means that the output remains stable even when the input drops beneath VOUT. The XCL225/26 output follows the input when it goes below VOUT and this can be important when the VIN source has a high impedance (i.e. due to a long cable).
For more information, please contact our CODICO Regional Sales Manager Ivan Mitic.

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