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EOS Power India Pvt. stays on track and focusses consequently on their three core competencies: Miniaturisation, high flexibility and adaption to customer requests, in-depth know-how in medical applications.

After their latest release, the WLP series, the Indian manufacturer just introduced their ULP series to the power world. ULP as in »ultralow profile« only measures 0.75” (19.05mm) in height and is available on all three standard footprints (2×3”@40W, 2×4”@180, 3×5”@275W).
The series literally is the next logical step after the recently introduced WLP series (1” i.e. 25.4mm in height on 75/120W@ 2×3“, 225W@2×4“, 350W@3×5“footprints).
The entire family is available in Safety Class I and II and is perfectly suitable for industrial and medical applications.

Due to its isolation grade of 2×MOPP (Means of Patient Protection) between primary and secondary side as well as 1×MOPP between primary and Earth as much as SELV-Circuit and Earth, the device is the perfect fit for literally any portable device or homecare equipment with direct patient contact (BF-body floating).

Customers increasingly demand long term availability especially in the medical industry as much as long time warranty.
EOS can comply with both desires by offering an optional seven-year warranty (»-EX«) for very versatile product offering.
If you are interested on more information, please get in touch with your CODICO contact or Ivan Mitic.

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