TIAM4 Multiple Color Sensors On-Chip

by donpedro

A new member of the multiple color sensors is the so-called integrated TIAM4 module. In addition to the spectral operating detector, it contains the entire sensor electronics on-chip. The photocurrents of the detector are converted into voltages and are available via S & H on a MUX on the output side as an analog voltage signal for digital conversion. The TIA-based amplifier is individually programmable in transimpedance over eight levels and is characterized by a very good linearity in the amplifier stages and by low noise. The TIAM4 is a compact sensor solution that, combined with a suitable light source, is very suitable for fast and/or portable color measuring. MAZeT offers this new sensor together with an extensive software library for highly accurate and fast color measurement. For initial test measurements, evaluation boards are available that can be optionally integrated in their own test software using DLLs if need be.

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