New hybrid connector from Tyco Electronics simplifies SERVO DRIVE connection

by donpedro

Tyco Electronics is pleased to announce the launch of a new hybrid connector. The Motor­man hybrid connector simplifies the connection of power and signal of locally controlled motors. It integrates communication, signal and power transmission within a compact single connector and therefore requires only one cable for connection. The Motorman hybrid connector features two fast Ethernet interfaces providing the full benefits of real-time automation control, while reducing cabling complexity. The new device also offers space for five power sockets, five signal sockets and one protection-earth-contact. The latest, reliable and economical MCON 2.8mm and 1.2mm contact system from Tyco Elec­tronics is utilized for the contacts. The rectangular Motorman connector features a highly compact design, measuring only 41.5 × 22.3mm. The housing was developed completely from scratch and is available in a metal or a plastic version. The metal housing is ideal for tough industrial environments whereas the plastic housing is very cost-effective for less demanding environments. The cable does not enter at a right angle, but at 100° which ensures a good match of cable bending radius and housing geometry.

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