JENCOLOR – Multiple Color Sensors for Accurate and Fast In-Line Color Measurement

by donpedro

With the principle of a multiple color sensor, MAZeT is pursuing a strategy that bridges the gap between the three-range sensors and spectral measurement devices for sensor applications. The new MMCS6 product family is based on the proven technologies of the compact and price-to-performance ratio-optimized semiconductor sensors with integrated interference filters. With the MMCS6, a color measurement with seven spectral characteristics in the range of 380 to 780 nm can be taken on the basis of spectral estimation. The evaluation of a color in this sensor is based not on the colorimetric but on the radiometric level. The initial result is not the chromaticity coordinate but the spectrum of a color, which can be then used to calculate the chromaticity coordinate. The advantages of such measurements lie in the much higher information density in terms of color measurement. With RGB and true color sensors, MAZeT offers semiconductor-based sensors with RGB or XYZ interference filters for fast and long-term stable color detection and absolute color measurement to the CIE/DIN5033 standard.

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