The new SD742 and SD740 robust 2D and 3D angular rate sensors from SensorDynamics: Highly-flexible, universal solutions for motion tracking, platform stabilization and navigation tasks

by donpedro

The new SD742 (XY angular rate) and the SD740 (XYZ angular rate) micromechanical gyroscopes from Sensor Dynamics are now available from Gleichmann Electronics. Both devices feature a wide measurement range of up to ±4096°/s, low power consumption of approximately 5mA and small package outline of only 6 × 6 × 1.8mm³.
The SD742 and SD740 QFN40-packaged sensors are designed for an operating voltage from 2.6V to 3.3V and an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. The maximum offset error is 10°/s at room temperature and the offset drift is 5°/s over the entire operating temperature range. The sensitivity error at room temperature and temperature drift of sensitivity are each specified at maximal 5%. This value can be halved to 2.5% upon special customer request. The standard measurement range when using the integrated I²C or SPI digital interface is specified by the manufacturer with ±1024°/s. However, a customer-specific measurement range up to ±4096°/s can be realized. The internal updating of measured values is provided at a high rate of at least 10kHz. The ratio metric analog outputs can be configured for ±64, ±128, ±256 or ±512°/s measurement ranges.
By means of a continuously operating self-test, the functional capability of the two or three dimensional angular rate sensor element is monitored, without interrupting measurements. Another special feature of the SD742 and SD740 angular rate sensors is their special power-off mode in which no power is consumed, but the SPI interface remains high-impedance.
Due to the low power consumption and small package outline, the SD742 and SD740 angular rate sensors are suitable for use both in diverse battery-powered applications and for demanding industrial control and measurement tasks. The 2D angular rate sensor SD742 is available now and the 3D version SD740 will be available in December.

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