New Nemesis connectors from ITT ICS

by donpedro

Leading global connector manufacturer and supplier, ITT Interconnect Solutions, has detailed its new Nemesis connector range for equipment used in integrated soldier systems in a new Applications Note. With some military personnel deployed in theatres of war required to carry in excess of 45 kilos of communications, vision and other equipment, reducing this weight is an overriding priority of government defence procurement agencies. ITT ICS Nemesis design engineers have succeeded in reducing both the weight and size of Nemesis mini circular connectors to deliver a lightweight, small plan form, ultra-rugged interconnect product line which is 100% sealed for harsh environments and incorporates mission-critical innovations for future solider applications.
Up to 50% lighter and 60% smaller than the nearest comparable 38999 connectors and sealed to IP67 or IP68, ITT ICS’s new Nemesis range features stainless steel construction for added strength and durability. Profiles have been dramatically reduced, down to the “no-profile” Space Saver variant for wearable equipment with “Ripaway” extra-fast decoupling action. Nemesis connectors remain fully sealed in both mated and unmated condition and have an enhanced strain relief design to eliminate cable overstressing and ensure the integrity of cable sealing. ITT ICS’s canted spring technology enables snap-on/breakaway coupling and decoupling which also allows effective and “tuned” disconnect with 360 degree EMI shielding.
For operational ease, Nemesis connectors are designed to be blind mated – no visual of mechanical keying is required to obtain reliable and quick connection. Ribbed rubber overmoulding provides secure grip in wet or harsh environments, saving time and effort in dangerous situations.
A salt spray resistant anti-reflective plating finish makes Nemesis especially suited to marine environments and helps ensure soldiers remain concealed.
There are three Nemesis product lines for modern soldier equipment – Water Tight, fully sealed to IP68 (20m depth), with ITT ICS’s micro-twist pin gold contacts guaranteeing in excess of 2,500 mating cycles; Super Clean and High Mating, both sealed to IP67 and featuring ITT ICS’s durable industry-leading pogo pin contacts, which provide over 10,000 mating cycles.
Plating options are RoHS-compliant black zinc nickel or electroless nickel for future-proofing customers’ investment in the light of anticipated revision of MIL standards.
Applications include power, data and audio interconnect functions for GPS systems, vision systems, computers, batteries and radios.

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