Renesas Electronics delivers improved Safety, Efficiency and Affordability for Small Appliances and Consumer Products with Brushless DC Motor Control Support

by donpedro

Renesas Electronics Europe, is expanding its safety and efficiency support for home appliances and tools with the innovative new RL78/G1G Group of microcontrollers

(MCUs). In complement to its current brushless DC motor control (BLDC) MCU offerings, Renesas delivers power-efficient performance with shorter development time and up to 40 percent lower system costs, in a small but powerful single-chip solution for appliances like advanced electric fans, electric tools, and food processors, and many other applications that require fine motor control.
Development based on a common platform supporting all product levels, from multifunction high-end to entry-level models, has become the mainstream for small electric appliances incorporating BLDC motors. By using Renesas’ existing RL78/G14 Group in their high-end products, customers can utilize the same software resources in products at all price points, from high-end to entry-level models.

Renesas Electronics Europe

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