Murata joins EEBus smart home connectivity initiative

by donpedro

Murata announced it has recently become a member of the EEBus smart home connectivity initiative. Other members include many well-known international consumer, industrial

and technology organizations such as Schneider Electric, Bosch and SMA, The initiative has the goal of bringing partners together to facilitate the link between networking standards and energy management capabilities of the smart grid to the increasing range of connected and controlling devices that are now becoming present in the smart home.
A key part of any smart home will be a gateway system that will allow the access from a smartphone or tablet to the myriad of appliances and devices within the home. This access is possible from the local network or from the Cloud, enabling users to enjoy the comfort brought by IoT as well as the reduction of power consumption by monitoring each connected appliance and smartly use it. Wireless connectivity will be a fundamental component of such a gateway and Murata has already developed a small gateway solution that uses its wireless connectivity solutions and will support the EEBUS standards
Rui Ramalho, product manager, connectivity modules, Murata Europe comments, “Making the smart home a reality heavily depends on integrating all connected devices and applications to the smart grid. This needs not only agreed standards but also collaboration by appliance and equipment manufacturers. Our joining of the EEBus initiative gives recognition that Murata values the progress they have made and our wish to actively participate in the future.”


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