Intersil’s Rad-Hard Dual Precision Op Amp Consumes Low Power, Delivers Low Noise

by donpedro

Intersil Corporation has expanded its family of radiation hardened single supply op amps with the introduction of the ISL70218SRH. This dual precision rail-to-rail output amplifier consumes half the power of competing devices, and provides superior noise performance, input offset and input bias current specifications.
The ISL70218SRH is designed for satellite applications, nuclear reactor equipment, oilfield drilling equipment and other applications that require full military temperature ranges and hermetic packaging. Its low 850microamp supply current is ideal for power-sensitive satellite applications.

Features and Specifications
• Low input noise of 300nVpp (0.1 to 10Hz)
• Rail-to-rail outputs for maximum dynamic range
• Single supply operation
• Stable under both low and high dose rate radiation

Pricing and Availability
The ISL70218SRH is currently available in 10-pin ceramic flatpacks, with samples available at $58.90 each. Quantity pricing is available upon request. For more information please visit

Intersil Corporation

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