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Measurement and testing tasks that use infrared cameras often differ enormously. So what could be better than being able to use a camera that is exactly tailored to the specific application? Quite clearly, a camera that can solve very different tasks at the highest possible level. The new ImageIR® 9400 series from InfraTec offers exactly this flexibility. Full of technical innovations, it combines top functions that are only found otherwise in several different types of high-end thermography systems. As an all-round talent, the ImageIR® 9400 impresses with a unique combination of outstanding geometrical, thermal and temporal resolution.

Multifunctionality – great customer benefit due to multivalent usability
Cooled FPA photon detectors with the native format of (1,280 × 1,024) IR pixels, a pixel pitch of 10 µm and digital readout form the basis for the excellent geometrical and thermal resolution of the new models as a mandatory requirement for high-resolution thermographic recordings of objects and processes. Due to an optional opto-mechanical MicroScan, the image format can be increased up to (2,560 × 2,048) IR pixels. Each of these 5.2 megapixels is equivalent to a temperature measuring point on the respective measurement object. Special lenses of various focal lengths leave nothing to be desired when it comes to thermographic temperature measurement on macroscopic objects of various dimensions. Extremely small structures can be developed using high-quality microscopic lenses: Micro-thermography with pixel sizes of up to 1.3 µm helps electronics and materials research to master requirements that arise from increasing miniaturization and increasing power density.

The excellent geometrical resolution does not necessarily have to conflict with a first-class temporal resolution: Different models of the ImageIR® 9400 enable the recording of thermal images with excellent high frame rates, which reach up to 622 Hz in binning full-frame mode and up to 3,343 Hz in sub-frame mode. Users who analyse highly dynamic thermal processes and moving objects can use it to record sequences, whose snapshot frames follow each other in less than one thousandth of a second. The integration times can be extremely short with just a few microseconds and ensure distortion-free imaging and reliable thermal analysis. The loss-free transfer of the thermographic data to the control and analysis PC of the thermographic system takes place by means of an ultra-fast 10 GigE interface, and if necessary, at maximum camera frame rate and for much longer periods than are normally the case with competitors. With the original IRBIS® thermography software family from InfraTec, the images and sequences can then be easily evaluated on the PC, both online and offline.

Suitable for very demanding tasks, in which minimal temperature gradients must be measured precisely, the ImageIR® 9400 offers an excellent thermal resolution of 20 mK, which is increased by operating in binning full-frame mode.

Like every member of the ImageIR® family, the ImageIR® 9400 camera series has a modular design and includes each – an optics, detector and interface module. This allows it to be configured individually and consistently geared towards highly demanding applications from science and industry. A superior and yet robust design, well-selected material and production geared towards the highest standards of quality guarantee the user extreme reliability, long life and thus a high degree of investment security. The new ImageIR® 9400 model series as an all-round talent with unique multifunctionality is unparalleled among high-end thermographic systems. Despite its attractive price-performance ratio, it gives the customer the certainty of solving future tasks at the highest level.


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