New at Kontron: SMARTCASE(TM) Solutions for Box-PCs “Designed by Fujitsu”

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Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), is adding the proven SMARTCASE(TM) chassis kits from Fujitsu to its portfolio and thereby further expanding its product range. Five variants of the Kontron SMARTCASE(TM) are currently available: S500, S520, S700, S710 and S720. These serve as the basis for fully assembled Box-PCs, consisting of Kontron motherboards “Designed by Fujitsu”, including cooling and housing according to customer specifications. Within the second quarter of 2020, Kontron will launch another SMARTCASE(TM), the S711, for the mITX board D3713-V/R with the AMD Embedded V1000/R1000 series processor. This will enable developers to implement complete systems quickly, easily and without a high level of testing effort. This lowers costs and shortens the time-to-market.

For all SMARTCASE(TM) chassis kits the housing, motherboard and cooling solution are optimally tailored to each other, climate-tested and CE certified at system level. This saves customers time-consuming and costly one-off costs and reduces the risk of violating legal requirements.

Due to a series production of the housings with series composite tools, the SMARTCASE(TM) models stand out due to their high manufacturing quality and attractive prices. An extensive range of accessories consisting of Wifi modules with antennas (RED certified, of course), extension cables for COM, USB Type C, AC adapters (both external and internal use), cooling solutions and mounting kits, offer extensive customization options.

The SMARTCASE(TM) S5xx for Mini-STX motherboards excel through their minimal dimensions with an overall height of only 36 mm and a housing volume of merely 0.9 litres. Nevertheless, these cases offer extensive connectivity for graphics, Ethernet, USB, COM and much more. The S500 is designed for the industrial motherboards of the D3544-S series, while the S520 fits to the D3654-B and D3664-B motherboards.

For applications with extended expandability yet still compact design, the SMARTCASE(TM) solutions of the S7xx series for motherboards in Mini-ITX format are ideal.

The S700 is suitable for the D3543-S series motherboards; the S710 for the D3313-S is particularly suitable for use in the extended temperature range thanks to a wide selection of active and passive coolers.

The S720 can be equipped with four motherboards: the D3433-S, the D3434-S, as well as the D3633-S and D3634-S. Thanks to a low-profile slot for PCIe expansion cards and a 2.5″ drive slot, the system can be easily expanded despite its compact design.

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