OMC launches new hermetically-sealed, high power 850nm fibre optic transmitter at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics

by donpedro

OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics design & manufacture, is exhibiting on stand J100 at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics and will be showcasing a number of new products for the first time. OMC’s impressive and broad product range of fibre optic, backlighting and LED components is widely used across multiple markets worldwide.

The company’s latest introduction is the hermetically-sealed FDE851HLBF infra-red transmitter diode.  Designed for use in applications where long-term reliability is paramount, this 850nm emitter features a hermetically sealed, TO-can body with glass optical window to help protect the device internals from atmospheric conditions. The device features fast rise/fall times allowing high speed operation in the tens of MHz, and contains integral micro-optics to couple light efficiently into multimode glass optical fibres as small as 50µm, achieving a typical launch power of 30µW at 100mA into 50/125 fibre.

Many fibre-optic emitters make use of a clear plastic cap which is pressed on to the device header. While this provides an element of physical protection to the LED chip, wire-bond and internal optics, it is unusual for such a cap to provide a hermetic seal, meaning that the potential long-term effects of environmental characteristics such as humidity on the device internals must be carefully considered in applications where long service-life is important. By contrast, the hermetically sealed housing of the FDE851HLBF eliminates this variable, as air from the operational environment cannot reach the internal components.

Also on show for the first time is another addition to the company’s transmitter range, namely the FDE2850 emitter – a high power, high speed, fibre-optic transmitter optimised for 200µm glass fibre systems which the company is able to produce on lead times much shorter than typical industry norms for this type of device.

The company will also be showcasing its H19 Fibre Optic Shield, a microprocessor shield compatible with Arduino Uno, designed to allow simple evaluation and incorporation of optical fibre in microprocessor-based designs.

William Heath, Commercial Director, comments: “Southern Manufacturing & Electronics is an excellent showcase for us in the UK and provides the opportunity to put our latest products in front of potential new customers early in the year.  We manufacture in the UK and have a very experienced team of engineers who enjoy a challenge, so come and speak to us about problems you are trying to solve – the “black art” of industrial fibre optic datacomms has been our speciality for over 35 years.”


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