Toshiba launches low-spike-type 40V, N-channel power MOSFET

by donpedro

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (“Toshiba”) has launched the TPHR7404PU, a 40V, N-channel MOSFET that uses the latest generation U-MOSIX-H process. The MOSFET’s low-spike capability reduces overshoot in switching applications. This makes it ideal for secondary synchronous rectification in switching power supply applications thanks to its contribution to reduced EMI. This is achieved while maintaining an extremely low on-resistance of just 0.74mΩ (max) at a VGS of 10V. A gate threshold voltage of 2V to 3V (Id =1mA) will help to avoid unintended turn on, for example, in battery-powered tools.

The TPHR7404PU features a new cell structure, using a parasitic snubber, thereby limiting noise and ringing during switching. This results in a lower peak voltage when switching, and reduced signal ringing. Applications such as high-efficiency DC-DC converters, motor drivers, and switching voltage regulators will all benefit from the low-spike capability.

Available in a 5 × 6mm SOP Advance package, its small size and extraordinary low 0.71°C/W channel-to-case thermal resistance make it suitable for efficiency-focused, compact power solutions.

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Toshiba Electronics Europe

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