Renesas Electronics Expands True Low Power™ RX111 Group Microcontroller Lineup

by donpedro

Renesas Electronics announced the addition of new product versions with larger memory capacity to the RX111 Group of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) ideal for applications such

as healthcare devices, industrial equipment, and building automation systems. Renesas’ existing RX111 Group product lineup offer package pin counts of 36 to 64 pins, flash memory capacity of 16 KB to 128 KB, and RAM capacity of 8 KB to 16 KB. The new product versions extend the flash memory capacity range to 512 KB and the RAM capacity range to 64 KB. The total number of product versions will grow from 31 to 46, strengthening the RX111 Group product lineup overall. Products such as healthcare devices, sensors for industrial applications, and measuring and detection devices for building automation systems require high computational processing performance due to the need to perform operations such as filtering at high speed, and they also need low power consumption to achieve extended battery life. The RX111 Group delivers functionality and performance that precisely match these requirements, and it has achieved wide adoption across a wide variety of systems.

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