Next-generation Murata-TOKO Power Inductors and LF Antenna coils feature advanced technologies for automotive applications – now at TTI

by donpedro

TTI---Murata-Toko-Power-InductorsThree new series of Murata-TOKO Power Inductors and LF antenna coils are now available in Europe at TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components.  The Murata-TOKO DFEG Series and DFEH Series power inductors and the 3D LF SA3Dxx Series antenna coils combine Murata’s core technologies and electronic components know-how with TOKO’s advanced wiring and magnetic materials to deliver superior quality products for today’s automotive market.
For PEPS (Passive Entry, Passive Start) systems, the SA3Dxx Series of Murata-TOKO 3D LF Antenna Coils receive the polling signal (LF frequency: 125 or 134.2 kHz) from the vehicle side. Installed to the key fob they use an LF signal for the receiver and a UHF signal for the transmitter, enabling interactive communication. Exchange of authentication information between key fob and vehicle allows hands free automatic door open & close and push engine start. Other applications include vehicle immobilizers, where no battery operation is needed on the key fob.  Features of the new SA3Dxx Series of Murata-TOKO triaxial LF Antenna Coils include an encapsulated core and winding to protect against shock, and a structure optimised to provide high Q and high sensitivity.  Highly reliable and durable, with a wide inductance range for design flexibility, the SA3Dxx Series is also very compact, measuring only 11.9 × 11.9 × H3.2mm tolerance:±0.2mm (SA3D12).
The DFEG Series of metal alloy power inductors boast high current capability and features magnetically shielded construction offering low DC resistance.  Additional benefits of the DFEG Series are low core loss and low magnetic flux leakage.  They operate over a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C and are available in three sizes: 7mm×7mm, 10mm×10mm, and 12mm×12mm.  Parts are fully AEC-Q200 compliant.  Suitable applications include engine ECUs, infotainment, navigation systems, cluster panel ECUs, display audio and D-class amplifiers.
The DFEH Series power inductors are also a metal alloy, magnetically shielded construction with low DC resistance, again with high current capability and the added benefits of low core loss and low magnetic flux leakage.  The wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C suits ECU applications, such as engine, pump and headlight, as well as Start-Stop systems.

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