New Line of Peltier Modules Features Unique Construction that Delivers High Performance and Longer Life

by donpedro

CUI082_High_Performance_Peltier_Modules-printCUI’s Thermal Management Group announced a new line of high performance Peltier modules that boasts superior performance and reliability, thanks to its innovative arcTEC™ structure. This unique construction utilizes a combination of thermally conductive resin between the ceramic and copper on the cold side of the module, high temperature solder, and larger P/N elements made from premium silicon ingot. The elasticity of arcTEC’s resin layer allows for thermal expansion and contraction during the repeated heating and cooling of normal operation, which reduces stress on the elements, resulting in a better thermal connection, superior mechanical bond, and no marked drop-off in performance over time. High temperature solder and larger silicon elements are incorporated to enable faster and more uniform cooling.

The CP20H, CP30H, CP39H, CP60H, and CP85H series all employ the arcTEC structure and range in size from 15 mm to 40 mm, with profiles as low as 3.1 mm. These thermoelectric modules are available with a ∆Tmax of 77°C (Th=50°C) and current ratings ranging from 2.0 A to 8.5 A.

Thanks to their reliable solid state construction, precise temperature control, and quiet operation, these thermoelectric coolers are ideally suited to high density, high power medical and industrial applications as well as refrigeration and sealed environments where forced air cooling is not an option.

The CP20H, CP30H, CP39H, CP60H, and CP85H series are available immediately with prices starting at $15.53 per unit at 25 pieces through distribution. Please contact CUI for OEM pricing.

View details for the CP20H series:
View details for the CP30H series:
View details for the CP39H series:
View details for the CP60H series:
View details for the CP85H series:


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