New Connector Line for the Automation Industry

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ESCHA is presenting the new Automation Line

The connector- and housing specialist ESCHA is presenting the new Automation. The M8x1 and M12x1 round connectors will replace numerous cable types through a new cable quality and thus contribute to standardisation and simplification.

With the new ESCHA Automation Line, the customer is exactly hitting the target one cable quality for all automation requirements.

During the last few years, several types of cables have been established in the market due to different requirements of machine builders. As a result, special products for respective applications have emerged, which have led to high logistics and costs for customers. The German company ESCHA is meeting the specific requirements of the automation industry with the new S370 cable for all products of the Automation Line.
The Automation Line will considerably reduce work and time for customers. The standardised products are:
• Drag-chain adapted
• Halogen-, silicone-, and PVC free
• UL listed
• Weld-field immune
• Chemical and oil resistant
• Microbes and hydrolysis resistant
• Fire resistant
At first sight, it is quite clear that the Automation Line is a special product line. In contrast to other ESCHA connectors, the new products are exclusively available in matt black and not in the typical blue. The raster ring is in ESCHA blue as a special feature. The advantage here is that connectors and cables can be delivered in a neutral colour and can adapt more easily to the individual machine concept of the customer.
The production costs of the Automation Line can be kept comparably low through the use of standard components and the optimisation of the material and production processes. This is being directly passed on to the customer with lower prices than qualitatively comparable products with other cables.
The M8x1 and the M12x1 versions of the new Automation Line will be offered as couplings and plugs in straight and angled styles and as 3- and 4-pole variants. The M12x1 connector is also possible with a 5-pole version. The entire product line meets IP67 requirements and is available as of now.

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