MicroCare to Present Innovative Product Additions at IPC Apex Expo

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MicroCare LLC, a global manufacturer of high-performance fluids and tools for critical cleaning, coating, and lubricating, will present their full range of products at IPC Apex Expo 2023 from January 24-26 in San Diego, CA. As well as presenting their extensive portfolio, the company will showcase some new additions to assist the electronics assembly, precision manufacturing, telecommunications, and medical device manufacturing industries with their critical cleaning needs.

With a range of environmentally-progressive products designed to improve efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness, the team of cleaning experts from MicroCare will introduce visitors to its latest innovative products. Taking center stage will be the Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner and the new product line of Standard Presaturated IPA Wipes.

An increasing number of PCB fabricators are incorporating fiber optic components on their PCBs, thus making the cleaning of the fiber optic connectors a critical step to ensure reliability and performance.  Debuted for the first time in the Autumn of 2022 at major fiber industry expos and now introduced here at the IPC APEX Show is the Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner.  The Pro360™ is the industry’s first true, touchless, full fiber end-face cleaner providing the highest level of cleaning performance.

Unlike anything else in the market, the Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner uses a hand-held dispensing wand to deliver a micro-dose of atomized, high-purity cleaning fluid within a narrow column of pressurized air onto a fiber optic connector end face. The contamination is carried away from the end face with the cleaning fluid during the drying process. The end face is left clean and dry after just one 3.5 second cycle making light work of end-face cleaning.

“The real star of the show will be the Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner as it will revolutionize the way fiber end-faces are cleaned,” said Ray Bellavance, MicroCare Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing“We are seeing many of our products crossing industries now. This touchless cleaner was once only relevant to those in the telecom and fiber optics industries, but with the demand for more sophisticated, complex electronic and fiber assemblies rising, our new product addition will make a real difference to cleaning efficiency and compliance in electronics facilities.”

Another product addition addressing cost-effective cleaning, the new Standard Presaturated IPA Wipes, are being presented for the first time at IPC Apex.

Available as a prestaurated wipe with 99.8% high-purity IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) or presaturated with a combination of 70% IPA and 30% D.I. (deionized) water, these wipes deliver cleaning solutions to help manufacturers quickly get perfectly clean surfaces at the lowest cost per clean.

The new Standard Presaturated IPA Wipes are ideal for cleaning everything from dust and dirt on work tables and hand tools, to fingerprints from machine control panels and material handling equipment. Contained within a convenient “slam-shut” reusable tub for optimum freshness, and with an economical 175-count drop in refill available, the product helps to reduce reorder frequency and stocking inventory levels and decrease waste.

“IPC Apex offers the perfect opportunity to speak directly to those in the industry and demonstrate our latest cleaning fluids and tools that can make a real difference to their cleaning processes and budgets,” said Bellavance.  

To discover all of the MicroCare products, visitors are invited to meet the team at booth 2901 at IPC Apex Expo 2023 from January 24-26 in San Diego, CA.


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