MacDermid Alpha to Launch ALPHA HiTech High Tg, Low CTE Underfill and Cornerfill Bonding Materials

by donpedro

The Assembly Division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a world leader in the production of electronics soldering and bonding materials, announces the release of ALPHA HiTech Underfills and Cornerfills with high Transition Glass Temperature (Tg), Low Coefficient Thermal Expansion (CTE), and excellent thermal cycling (TCT) performance. The attributes provide formulation flexibility to enhance product performance in various applications.

Both ALPHA HiTech CU21-3240 and ALPHA HiTech CU31-2030 are one-component capillary underfills which are designed for the protection of assembled chip packages onto printed circuit boards, providing excellent reliability performance. ALPHA HiTech CU21-3240 exhibits good thermal cycling performance due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion. It is suitable for applications with high reliability requirements such as automotive. ALPHA HiTech CU31-2030 is a low viscosity underfill which enables fast and efficient flow properties. It is suitable for assembling BGA, CSP and Flip Chip devices and is also suitable for rework.

ALPHA HiTech CF31-4010 is a one component, high filler content, heat curable cornerfill. It is an epoxy-based material to be dispensed on the corner (corner bonding) or edges (edge bonding) of BGA devices. Upon completion of the curing process, the cured cornerfill helps to strengthen the soldered assembled component allowing it to pass reliability tests such as Drop Shock, Impact Bend and Thermal Cycle (TCT). The product is also reworkable.

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