Low on resistance, High speed switching Expanded Lineup of P-channel MOSFET for General Purpose XP23 Series (-30 Withstand Voltage)

by donpedro

The products which released this time are general-purpose P-channel MOSFET with low on resistance and high speed switching. It can be used for various applications such as relay circuits and switching circuits. The gate protection diode is built-in as a static protection.
Furthermore, three series are in a compact SOT-23(TO-236) (2.9 X 2.4 X 1.15mm Height) package with contributing space saving.
These environmentally-friendly products comply with the EU RoHS Directive and are lead-free.
Torex will continue to swiftly develop products that meet market needs and contribute to a richer and more abundant society.

For more details on the MOSFET, please click here:
XP231P0201TR: https://www.torexsemi.com/products/power-mosfets/series/?name=xp231p0201tr
XP232P0501TR: https://www.torexsemi.com/products/power-mosfets/series/?name=xp232p0501tr
XP233P1501TR: https://www.torexsemi.com/products/power-mosfets/series/?name=xp233p1501tr

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. is a leading provider of CMOS power management ICs targeted toward battery powered and energy efficient applications. Torex specializes in CMOS analog technology, with LDO voltage regulators, voltage detectors and DC/DC converters making up our core product offering.

Torex Semiconductor

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