Indium Corporation to Feature Low-Temp Alloy at IPC APEX Expo

by donpedro

Indium Corporation will feature its innovative high-reliability, low-temperature alloy system during the virtual IPC APEX Expo, to be held March 8-12.

Durafuse™ LT is a novel, low-temperature alloy system designed to provide high-reliability in low-temperature applications that need to reflow below 210°C. Where traditional low-temperature solders can produce brittle solder joints that are susceptible to drop shock failures, Durafuse™ LT provides superior drop shock resilience, outclassing BiSn or BiSnAg alloys, and performing better than SAC305 with optimum process setup.

Durafuse™ LT:

  • Provides a solution for heat-sensitive components and flex polymers
  • Prevents thermal warpage of processor components and multilayer boards
  • Meets low-temperature requirements for step soldering, particularly in RF shield attachment, post underfill processes, and rework applications

For more information about Indium Corporation’s Durafuse™ LT, visit its virtual show booth or

Indium Corporation

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