Indium Corporation Features High-Reliability Products for Power Electronics at CIPS

by donpedro

Indium Corporation will feature selections from its portfolio of high-reliability solutions for power electronics at the International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics (CIPS), March 15-17 in Berlin, Germany.

Indium Corporation is the leader in power electronics assembly materials as a variety of industries—including automotive, transportation, computing, and energy infrastructure—demand more from power electronics systems. Indium Corporation continues to deliver proven high-reliability material solutions to current and emerging power electronics challenges.

Indium Corporation’s InFORMS® solder preforms do more than just bond two surfaces—they are designed to address specific challenges for the power electronics industry. InFORMS® are a composite solder material with a reinforcing matrix. This results in:

  • Uniform bondline thickness
  • Improved mechanical and thermal reliability
  • Drop-in alternative to traditional preforms leveraging proven processes

InFORMS® provide engineers with an enhanced material for the development of more reliable and higher performance modules. Due to the planarity improvements and stand-off tolerances, the package design becomes more predictable. In addition, stronger and more dependable joints allow for high power densities.

For more information, visit Indium Corporation’s experts at the show.

Indium Corporation

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