Ignition transformers for safe and stable ignition of gas heating systems

by donpedro

Electronical Ignition Sytems high frequency and high voltage > 20000V

• Circuit board assembly
• Compact design
• For unipolar or bipolar ignition
• For one or two ignition points
• Stringent individual quality-testing
• Self-extinguishing potting and housing material
Ignition transformers from HAHN guarantee safe and stable ignition of your gas-powered heating systems. Compact in design, they are ideal for use with printed circuit boards. Within our comprehensive Quality Mana­gement System which includes several interim checks, each component is subjected to a final 100 % test. In this test, not only the characteristic data are checked but a high-voltage insulation test is carried out. The specially selected components are all subjected to a glow wire test according to DIN EN 60 335-1:2005.

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