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Transformers fulfilling the new guidelines of “Energy using products” (EuP). The EuP Serie 2013 of HAHN is perfect for applications of the electric power supply in electrical and electronic house­hold and office equipment with “stand by” and “off” conditions. Already today where a reduced power consumption of P0 < 0,4W is required, the EuP Serie 2013 of HAHN will be a solution.

EuP Serie 2013 P0 < 0,4W

Equipped for the future – with Hahn

Ecological in design – and solutions based on switch mode technology developed by HAHN.

Within the scope of the Eco-Design Directive for energy-using products, we have expanded our product portfolio for you. The new HS series by HAHN incorporating switch mode technology has a voltage transfer loss of < 0.15W and an efficiency of > 70%! It is ideal for applications

within the broad input voltage range of 85 – 265V for power supplies. Design is short-circuit-proof and wiring is strictly isolated according to EN 61558-2-16, EN 61558-2-17 and EN 60950. All components are UL- and EN 60335- compliant. The safety extra-low output voltage is only max. 3 W.

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