Highly Integrated EOL Programmable Hall Sensor Supports Direct Connection into Automotive/ Industrial Designs without Need for PCB or Discrete Components

by donpedro

Melexis Technologies NV has followed up the success of its initial MLX92242 Hall effect switch/latch IC, which offers end-of-line (EOL) programmability and support for 2-wire

operation, with a further product introduction. The company now announces a new version of this device which enables easier implementation and saves valuable space. Strengthening its innovative ‘No PCB’ design concept, Melexis’ MLX92242has a built-in capacitor – so that the device can be implemented directly into the design without inclusion of supplementary board level components which would increase the overall dimensions and necessitate additional soldering. It achieves all this while still delivering identical performance and functionality to the original MLX92242, as well keeping the standard industry TO-92/UA package form factor, enabling drop-in replacement solutions.
As with the standard MLX92242, a Hall sensing element, a voltage regulator (covering 2.7V to 24V), a current sink-configured output driver and a series of sophisticated IC protection mechanisms (over-voltage, reverse voltage, thermal shutdown, etc.) are all included, plus an EEPROM memory via which EOL programming can be executed. The EEPROM allows suitable magnetic thresholds to be set for the particular application scenario, then subsequently locked.


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