High-quality Optoelectronics for Safe Circuit Isolation

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High-quality Würth Elektronik optocouplers for signal transmission between galvanically isolated circuits — Image source: Würth Elektronik

The manufacturer Würth Elektronik has expanded its optoelectronic portfolio with optocouplers in all common packages and CTR (Current Transfer Ratio) values. This includes the WL-OCPT series of phototransistor optocouplers in DIP-4, SOP-4 and LSOP-4 packages. The WL-OCDA Darlington optocoupler series is available as DIP-4 and SOP-4. These different packages are also available in a range of lead frame varieties. The CTR values of the components—classified according to binning type—range from 20 to 15,000 percent. In addition, the DIN EN 60747-5-5 certified components can be used in the operating temperature range from -55 to +110°C.

Galvanic isolation of low power control circuits from high power circuits is an important safety aspect in many applications. Optocouplers protect against interference and overvoltage in power supplies, chargers, computers, microprocessors, sequence controllers, programmable logic controllers, measuring devices and other applications. In designing the optocouplers, Würth Elektronik has chosen the coplanar package with a constant isolation gap. This guarantees perfect isolation up to 5000 V. High quality silicone and polymer materials provide for 100% internal reflection and ensure a stable CTR over the entire temperature range. Würth Elektronik optocouplers feature fast switching times and high DC transmission ratios even in low current operation. The copper lead frames ensure optimal solderability and reliable assembly in the application.

Würth Elektronik optocouplers are available from stock in all package designs and CTR binnings. Free samples are available. Further information on service life and design recommendations for extending the service life of Würth Elektronik optocouplers can be found in Application Note ANO006

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