FUJIFILM PRESCALE: Pressure measurement film

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This is the only film in the world that can measure pressure.
Pressure and pressure distribution, which could not be visually observed in the past, can now be easily confirmed.

Prescale allows you to easily measure pressure balance, distribution, and size. Created using Fujifilm’s advanced thin film coating technologies, the pressure inspection sensor on the entirety of the film allows you to confirm pressure distribution of the entire surface at a glance. The color appears red where pressure is applied, and the color density varies according to the amount of pressure. To cover a wide pressure range (0.006 to 300 MPa), we supply eight types and nine variations of Prescale.

Prescale Sheets make pressure measurement more readily accessible.
Prescale Sheets are a version of Prescale that are pre-cut into easy-to-use sizes. It is recommended for first-time users and for small-scale applications. To cover a wide pressure range (0.2 to 300 MPa), we supply six types of Prescale Sheets.
We supply eight types and nine variations of Prescale and six types of Prescale Sheets for use depending on the pressure range. Each product is made for a certain pressure range (MPa). Customers must confirm the pressure value of their application environment.

Structure of Prescale
There are two types of Prescale: the two-sheet type and the mono-sheet type. The two-sheet type is compo­sed of two films of which are respectively coated with color- forming material and color-developing material.
This type is used by placing the sides coated with the chemical agents over each other. The mono-sheet type is a film with a single base film with a coating of color-forming material and developer.

Pressure chart (for medium-pressure [MW])
By checking the standard chart, the pressure value can be confirmed visually.

* The parts represented by the dotted lines may exceed the allowable error range, so it should only be used as a reference.
* Prescale is used by selecting curves A, B, or C depending on the temperature and humidity conditions.
* The measured pressure reaching time for continuous pressure of Ultra extreme low pressure (5LW), extreme low pressure (4LW), and ultra-extreme low pressure (LLLW) is 5 seconds, and the measurement maintenance time is 2 minutes.
* Super high pressure (HHS) is only for continuous pressure.

How Prescale works
The microcapsules in the color-forming layer are broken by pressure, and the colorless dye is absorbed into the developer, causing a chemical reaction to produce a red color. The microcapsules containing the color-forming material are adjusted to varying sizes and strengths, and is coated uniformly, producing a color density that corresponds to the amount of pressure.

How to use Prescale














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