Magnetically or RFID-coded safety sensors

by donpedro

Many systems and machines require safety devices to prevent unauthorized access or intervention during operation. A simple light grid is in many cases not sufficient, for example to prevent the escape of noise, heat, dust, etc. from inside presses, robotic cells or injection molding equipment. Conversely, in the food and pharmaceutical industry, hygiene requires that systems must be protected from penetration by foreign bodies. Various doors, hoods or flaps offer a solution. Their position can now be reliably detected with a magnetically or RFID-coded, Ecolab-certified safety sensor from Contrinex. Since operation is contactless, the sensor is not subject to wear and maintenance intervals can be longer. A magnetically coded system (Type 4 according to ISO 14119) not only makes the YSM sensor series immune to mutual influence from other devices, but also highly resistant to on-site tampering. In the RFID-coded version (YSR series), up to 30 sensors can be connected in series with just one relay or controller. With switching distances of 4 mm up to 18 mm, these magnetically coded sensors also work behind a stainless-steel cover.
This allows for very safe system design, e.g. with the mechanism covered, and easy cleaning of all open surfaces. In addition, the sensor system meets the requirements of IP6K9K, which means it is dustproof and watertight, even when exposed to cleaning at high pressure and with steam. This makes the safety sensors ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications. The RFID code of the YSR type can either be randomized or taught. External device monitoring (EDM) and a feedback signal are also available. With dimensions of 36 mm × 26 mm × 13 mm or 88 mm × 25 mm × 13 mm (L × W × H), the sensors are very compact and can be mounted both frontally and at a 90° angle. M12 plugs or PVC cables are available as connection variants.

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