Freescale iMX6 A9 Quad Core Development Kit

by donpedro

Cadia Networks announces the latest addition to its ARM product offerings in the form of an industry leading Development Kit for the iMX6 family of ARM SBCs, the iMX6-DK. We are extremely excited to announce this development kit as it has been carefully designed with the end user in the center of development effort. This kit provides a Single Box solution for OEMs, independent system integrators, developers and enthusiasts alike to understand the architecture, run interface demos and even develop their own applications.
What makes the iMX6-DK unique compared to other development kits available around similar architecture is that it serves a wide array of users with various levels of expertise. The kit is targeted for FreescaleTM iMX6 a SOC with ARM A9 core. The processor architecture is rich in its capabilities and can be used to develop systems which range from consumer devices to communication equipment to even Virtualized applications with multiple display capabilities. Besides the core processing power, the base CPU board boasts a rich array of interfaces like PCIe, Mini-PICe, Gigabit Ethernet, RS-232, CAN 2.0, USB2.0, PWM, Watchdog Timer, Analog Input , GPIO lines to name a few.
Cadia Networks understands that controlling all these peripherals and being able to readily develop applications without trying to re-learn all the internal details is the key to a faster product development cycle. The iMX6-DK development kit is a full featured set of components which includes all the hardware, ready to run Linux OS on an SD card, detailed documentation and cables/power supply for evaluation.

Cadia Networks

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