Cobar launches newest Tacky Flux for Lead-Free Solders

by donpedro

The Balver Zinn/Cobar Group introduces Tempotac (120-TEM), its newest next-generation tacky flux. Tempotac (385-TEM) is a well-established product within Cobar’s product portfolio and features the basic ingredients of a solder paste flux including various activators. With the introduction of lead-free solders that include higher process temperatures, a new product has been introduced — 120-TEM. This product can withstand higher temperatures and is available in a blue color for inspection purposes when required. Tempotac is a remarkably versatile material that can be used in an array of rework applications including:
• Reballing — where availability of BGAs with lead-free spheres is limited, replace lead-free spheres with SnPb spheres before mounting (e.g. military, aerospace, medical, etc.)
• Repair Applications — remove and replace BGAs
• BGA Placement — Tempotac can be used instead of solder paste
• Bridging — Removes bridges in QFP rework.

Balver Zinn/Cobar Group

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