Balver Zinn Group Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

by donpedro

The BALVER ZINN Group, a leading provider of high-quality alloyed solder anodes as well as special cored and solid wires, announces its 35th anniversary.
As a supplier of surface treatments, wires and solder, Balver Zinn has more than three generations of experience in the electronics industry. The company has introduced solar applications and its R&D team has a long history of metallurgical and chemical knowledge. Additionally, its different facilities across Europe make unique products or materials for new solar markets. Additionally, Balver Zinn now supplies anodes for the marine division.
Balver Zinn Group’s Managing Director Josef Jost commented, “We are honored to announce our 35th year in business. Thanks to our strong product line and new marketing design, we managed to weather the financial crisis and came out stronger than ever. We continue to invest in R&D, and are always looking for new products and ways to accommodate special customer requests.
Also, I would like to give a special thank you to our employees, customers and partners for their loyalty because they are the reason we are here today.”


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