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The starter package EA QUICKuniTFT070C includes all components necessary for configuration and operation of the tablet-like color TFT display uniTFT070-ATC.

Today, people are used to control everything with their smartphones or tablets. Even in industrial, automotive and medical technology, multifunctional screens facilitate operation and upgrade every device. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY has combined its EA uniTFT070-ATC capacitive multi-function panel with all necessary accessories in a quick starter package so that developers can get started immediately in order to meet this requirement known from the consumer market.

In addition to the 7” touch display, the EA QUICKuniTFT070C also includes a connection board with power supply, reset button and loudspeaker. A suitable

USB cable for the mini-USB port on the display, USB drivers and the layout software uniSKETCH for Windows are also part of the package. A lot of application examples as well as a detailed documentation round off the package.

With its external dimensions of 190 mm × 125 mm, the design of the 7” EA uniTFT070-ATC is quite compact. However, it still features a high resolution of 1,024 × 600 pixels for meaningful vector graphics. The screen is designed in IPS technology and offers an extremely wide viewing angle. Even diagonally from above or from the side, the display provides high contrast and is free of colour distortions. The white LED backlight generates a luminance of up to 1,000 cd/m². This means that the display can be clearly read even in bright ambient light or even sunlight.

The capacitive touch surface (PCAP) allows the operation as one is used to from a smartphone. The handling is even possible with thin gloves or from behind a glass pane up to 4 mm in thickness. Thanks to integrated calculation functions and battery-buffered time base, the intelligent screen can carry out independent operations. Communication with the periphery is handled by 7 serial (USB, 2 × RS232, 2 × SPI, 2 × I²C), 4 analog and 16 digital and freely definable I/O interfaces. A micro SD card slot (max. 32 GB) serves as data storage for images, fonts, menus and log files.

With the graphical editor uniSKETCH, even developers who are not so familiar with programming can immediately create attractive and ergonomically perfected screen pages and user guides. They are supported by standardized stylesheets that can be adapted to their own needs. An extensive library contains graphically appealing objects, including rotary and slide controls. All object properties (shape, colour, position, stored actions) can be changed during runtime by macros stored on the micro SD card or via the serial interface.

Images in all common formats (jpg, png, svg, etc.) can be integrated into the display. With transparency variations (alpha blending), smooth appearance or lateral insertion of messages or touch keys as well as recorded audio files (MP3), the user’s attention can be specifically controlled.

Thanks to the freely scalable vector display with Unicode support, even the display of Chinese characters is no problem. The display manages various translations of the texts to be displayed in its own database.

In addition to the 7” version, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY also offers starter packages with a 5” or 10.1” screen diagonal. Further sizes are in preparation. With the interactive demo app uniTFT (for Android and iOS) interested parties can get a first impression of the capabilities of this display series.

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