Tiny integrated solution powers RF agile radio applications and FPGAS

by donpedro

Efficient, reliable PMU for complex integrated power solutions required by advanced software-defined radio and FPGA applications.

Analog Devices introduced an integrated family of efficient power management ICs (integrated circuits) targeting compact, high density power solutions for RF agile radio and FPGA/processor-based (field-programmable gate array) applications.
The ADP505x family of power management ICs was designed as an integrated power solution for picocell and femtocell base stations, portable and handheld devices as well as most applications needing a compact, integrated power solution. Designed to support Analog Devices’ AD9361 RF Transceiver for software-defined radio (SDR) applications, it can also be used as an integrated power solution for many of Altera Corp.’s and Xilinx Inc.’s FPGA platforms. For more information about ADI integrated power management solutions and FPGAs: Integrated Power Solutions for Altera FPGAs and Integrated Power Solutions for Xilinx FPGAs.
The ADP505x combines multiple buck regulators and LDOs (low-dropout regulators) or Power on Reset/Watchdog into a single, compact 48-lead LFCSP (7 mm × 7 mm) package resulting in a power density solution of up to 25W in only a 310mm2 PCB area. It is an extremely versatile multi-output regulator with four buck switching regulators (4A, 4A, 1.2A, 1.2A) and one 200-mA LDO in the ADP5051 and ADP5052. The ADP5050 and ADP5051 implements an I²C® interface that allows the input voltage to the device and the die temperature to be monitored, increasing the power solution’s overall reliability. Its integrated design allows a single IC to be designed into many different applications, reducing power supply design time.

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