Sfera Labs Launches a New Customer-Centric Website to Enhance User Experience

The new website gives access to customized customer profiles featuring predefined billing details, comprehensive order history, exclusive custom products, and a vast array of additional capabilities.

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Sfera Labs, a leading manufacturer of advanced solutions for embedded systems and edge computing, launched a new and updated website today. With its strong commitment to customer satisfaction, the revamped website consolidates a comprehensive array of user requirements in one centralized hub.

Sfera Labs designs, manufactures, and sells servers, embedded systems, I/O modules, and environmental sensors based on innovative, widespread, open-source, community-supported technologies such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

One of the key features of the upgraded website is its guided search functionality that enables the customer to navigate through Sfera Labs’ extensive product offerings easily. This intuitive search feature ensures that customers can quickly find the specific product they need, simplifying decision-making.

Sfera Labs ensures easy access to essential resources by offering downloadable exhaustive technical documents and software libraries, empowering users with the tools for streamlined project development and execution.

The company’s commitment to providing personalized services is exemplified by introducing essential features, such as customized customer profiles, individually tailored pricing options, easily accessible order history, and continuous tech support.

The customized customer profile feature provides predefined billing details, multiple shipping addresses, comprehensive order history, custom product and software configurations, and an array of additional conveniences. This feature streamlines the checkout process, catering to customers who frequently ship orders to different locations.

Sfera Labs specializes in state-of-the-art technology that serves applications across various domains, including the Internet of Things (IoT and IIoT), industrial control, home and building automation, energy management, environmental control, multi-protocol gateways, fleet management, marine, and many more. The company acknowledges the evolving industry landscape and the growing demand for customization and has proactively taken the initiative to offer tailor-made services and solutions and superior customer service.

“At Sfera Labs, we prioritize our valued customers and integrate their needs into our refreshed website. We emphasize the significance of a user-centric approach to establish strong connections with our customers,” said Ulderico Arcidiaco, CEO of Sfera Labs. “The new website offers our customers the tools they need to stay in touch with our sales, engineering, and support teams and provides easier access to design documentation and customized resources for our OEM clients.”

Customers have the flexibility to order branded or custom configurations of Sfera Labs products, integrating new capabilities depending on their application-specific requirements. Notably, the company can perform the installation and factory testing of software/firmware, providing users with peace of mind before product delivery.

The new website grants customers direct access to a new ticketing system, empowering them to easily communicate their inquiries, concerns, or support requests. This system allows customers to submit queries, track progress, and receive timely updates.

The transparency and control provided to users throughout the support process contribute towards a positive customer experience.

To learn more about Sfera Labs, visit www.sferalabs.cc

Sfera Labs

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