Revealing a New and More Efficient Approach to Mobile Picking

by donpedro

Captec, manufacturers of ruggedised industrial computers and mobile devices, have developed a new Mobile Picking Solution targeted

to optimise retailers’ order fulfilment requirements. Combining a customisable trolley and totes with a mounted tablet, extended battery and 1D/2D barcode scanner, the MPS-761 is fully integrated and ready for deployment in any order picking or internet fulfilment setting.
A 9.7” tablet with capacitive touchscreen simplifies and improves the order picking process by not only providing a large graphical and intuitive display for ease of use, but also by allowing virtually hands free operation. Enhancing order fulfilment times and maintaining high levels of accuracy empowers businesses with greater cost-effectiveness and reduces wrong orders, thereby providing a better service to their customers.
Captec offer this solution fully integrated, taking the costly and time consuming work of testing and assembling the units away from retailers, while also simplifying supply chain management.
The trolley itself is fully customisable, ensuring that it is best suited to the unique requirements of where it will be used, allowing it to be designed according to aisle sizes, product requirements and store layouts, as well as any other factors that allow the order fulfilment system to flow smoothly.
Captec’s solution ensures that order fulfilment can not only flow effectively, but for prolonged periods of time. With an extended battery allowing up to 26 hours continuous use, the Mobile Picking Solution can be used for a full day and even through the night before needing a charge, especially useful in stores that operate on 24 hour days.
Find out more about the MPS-761 Mobile Picking Solution today. Please visit mobile-picking-solutions/


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