Rent Your SMT Line

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Not having to spend a lot of money upfront can help your business manage its cash flow more effectively. Whether you’re starting out or expanding, renting is the smart option for your business. 

Staying Ahead of the Game

We live in a time of constant changes where every day we have to adapt to our customers’ needs. Either because of the new technological challenges, a focus on ROI “return on investment” or better productivity against new competition. The reasons can be many, and we believe we can help in providing the right solution.
Keeping up with the pace and always being a step ahead of your competitors is what we are all striving to. Today you can rent almost everything starting from airplanes and properties to cars and machines.
So, why not rent your next SMT equipment?

Advantages of Renting

1. It’s the right to use the equipment, and not the ownership, that creates revenue and profit for the company.
2. Rentals can be customized from 18 months, and to customer’s needs: monthly, quarterly or annually.
3. Renting allows your company to “protect” your normal bank relationship.
4. Renting allows you to minimize your risk on big asset depreciation.
5. Renting does not affect a take away from the balance sheet as debt-financed assets; it has a positive effect on a number of key figures.
6. Cash Flow; payments are allocated over the period during which the equipment is used and generates profit. (When you have bought the equipment your cash is locked away)
7. Renting strengthens the company’s competitiveness; use your cash where your returns are the greatest. (Production companies often choose to use their cash on new development, salaries or purchase of raw materials which equals the highest return on investment)
8. Flexibility – you are not “stuck” with your SMD-Line. Renting provides you the possibility to change your equipment depending on your customer’s demands and market requirements!

What equipment fits your business best?

To give you a choice in our rental concept, we have created two different product production lines. The first one is called the “PREMIUM SMT CONCEPT” and the second one is called “ECONOMIC SMT CONCEPT”.

It contains all the premium brands you know such as Assembléon, DEK, Vitronics-Soltec, and others. Everything to make you feel secure with the machines that will deliver your client’s products. Scalable from 9,000 to 165,000+ CPH.

Here we have selected the equipment that is of high quality and proven reliability and that gives you a competent and powerful alternative, that maintains a lower price image without compromising on quality and reliability, and with access to good service and support. Scalable from 8,000 to 80,000+ CPH.

Standard leasing solutions are restricted to any improvement / changes. The financial solution of SMTHOUSE is tailored to the needs of electronic production environments and includes the following additional advantages.

Choose your manufacturing equipment based on today’s and future need from market leading suppliers.
Total SMT line solutions or single machines
Best competitive monthly rates based on contracts between 18-72 months
Fixed rates including service, maintenance and spares
SMTH Technology Guarantee allows you to swap your installed equipment during the contract period
Additional options can be added into the running contract at any time
Flexible options after the end of the contract based on your needs

Configure your SMT Lines upon your demands from world known manufacturers like KNS/Assembleon, Hanwa/Samsung, Mirae, DEK, Reprint, Vitronics Soltec, MEK, TRI and others.
Adapt it to your changing demands during the rental agreement and get your full flexibility regarding changing production demands.

PREMIUM LINE / 70 – 175.000 cph (IPC) – Scalable output without the need to exchange machines
Renting instead of buying from 13.995,- EUR per month

COMPETITIVE LINE / 36.000 Bt/Std. (IPC) – Highly flexible SMT Production line
Renting instead of buying from 4.995,-  EUR per month

ENTRY LINE / 15.000 Bt/Std. (IPC) – Complete SMT Production Line for low volume and NPI
Renting instead of buying from 2.495.-  EUR per month

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