Reliable, robust and with high current carrying capacity: Rutronik introduces FCT D-Sub connectors from Molex

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Proven concept for applications that rely on durable, reliable connections – even in harsh environments.

The Molex family of FCT D-Sub connectors includes standard, high-density, and mixed-layout versions. These are available in various material and coating combinations, with an extensive range of backshells and accessory options. With this product range, Molex offers both standard and custom D-Sub connectors for high design flexibility. That makes them relevant for a wide range of applications in telecommunications, networking, medical and industrial automation. Molex’s FCT D-Sub connectors are available at

When a robust, reliable, and durable connector is required for applications, FCT D-Sub connectors are the optimal choice. They also score with their high current-carrying capacity, which nevertheless does not require more space in the application. That is possible thanks to the turned contacts, which are mechanically more stable and resilient than stamped contacts.

In addition, the FCT D-Sub connectors are available with waterproof (IP67) and non-magnetic materials. Available add-on options include protective caps, brackets, locking, panel mounting, PCB mounting, and various hardware accessories. It is also possible to choose and combine different materials and gold plating thicknesses. That is also applicable to the housing (steel, brass, stainless steel). As a result, standard D-Sub connectors can be turned into a customized, individual solution.

Additional Benefits:

Plastic and metal backshells:

  • provide strain relief for cables
  • enable robust connection of plugs
  • organize cable routing in confined spaces

IP67 versions available:

  • Zinc die-cast frames are waterproof, provide mechanical strength, shielding, and are rust-resistant

A variety of assemblies are available, for…

  • … data and signal cables
  • … power cables
  • … specialized hybrid cables
  • … integration and assembly in control cabinets

Application examples:

  • Networks: mobile applications
  • Industrial automation: applications that are exposed to spray water, require dense spacing between connectors or long cable runs
  • Medical technology: MRI, measuring and testing equipment, patient monitoring devices
  • Telecommunications: 19-inch rack-mounted system, communications infrastructure, head-end equipment, rack-mounted servers, remote radio heads (RRHs).

For more information to the FCT D-Sub Connectors by Molex and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at


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