Panasonic Releases the World’s 1st SMT Thermopile Array Sensor

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Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG, the European headquarters for Panasonic Corporation’s Industrial Devices business, announces the release of the first ever Surface Mount Technology (SMT) thermopile array sensor, the Grid-EYE. Years of continuous research in infrared sensing technology led to the development of a state-of-the-art thermopile sensor that features 64 thermopile elements in an 8 x 8 grid format.

Contrary to conventional thermal sensors that only measure temperature of a certain point-of-contact, Grid-EYE, based on Panasonic’s MEMS technology, can measure temperature of the entire specified area without any contact; in other words, it is a “contact-less thermopile array sensor”. 64 pixels yield accurate temperature measurement over a viewing angle of 60° provided by a silicon lens. Grid-EYE uses an I²C communication interface, enabling temperature measurements at speeds of 1 or 10 frames/sec. An interrupt function is also available.

Product features:

• Dimensions: 11,6 × 4,3 × 8,0mm (L × H × W)
• Operating voltage: 3,3V or 5.0V (depends on P / N)
• Temperature range of measuring object: -20°C to 100°C (depends on P / N)
• Field of view (FoV): 60°
• Number of pixels: 64 (vertical 8 × horizontal 8)
• External interface: I²C (fast mode)
• Frame rate: 10 frames/s or 1 frame/s

Compared to single element thermopile sensors or pyroelectric sensors, Grid-EYE offers immense benefits, which are highlighted in the following table.

Grid-EYE opens the door to a whole world of applications, ranging from energy savings in the lighting industry (commercial and public places as well as residential spaces) to household applications (air conditioners, microwave ovens, etc.); from security systems (automatic doors, elevators, ATMs, kiosks, etc) to the medical industry (patient detection and positioning), and many more.

• Occupancy detection
• Position detection
• Contact-less temperature measurement
• Cooking stoves
• Microwave ovens
• Medical equipment
• Measurement, control and regulation of:
◦ Air conditioners
◦ Heating systems
• Building automation
• Intelligent lighting control system
• Thermal imaging
• Industrial process management and control

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