Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe at SMT Connect in Nuremberg

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Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH, is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of Smart Factory. As manufacturer and equipment provider, Panasonic presents at SMT Connect in Nuremberg – Germany, a new era of full process optimization covering the Cyber-Physical-System field with own brand new solutions. Highlights like the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) with feeder cart auto-changeover or the consumption power meter will be displayed at the SMT Connect. Also security systems within the smart factory will be showcased, for example the Biometric Access Control System to simplify machine operator access on the factory floor or Panasonic’s kaizen concept, a camera security system that optimizes the production process and logistics.

iLNB – The Connector

The integrated line management system iLNB provides collective control of the entire production line. It is a revolutionary system that controls the production with only one PC. It is not limited to Panasonic machines but also integrates third party equipment like PCB transfer systems, laser marker, AOI, SPI and ovens. The one master PC with iLNB connects all relevant steps on the production line and improves the overall productivity. Even the control of automatic production changeover is possible.

MFO – The Optimizer

The MFO software is the perfect tool to simulate a optimized production line. It is a new tool to design production line layouts and plan the on-site operations. As a consequence man-hours can be planed efficiently. The entire SMT floor can be simulated and possible challenges in the production process can be addressed from the start. The off-line set up sequence can be optimized to adjust the requirements of staff and material. MFO also integrates CM- and DT series machines and screen printer. Even non-Panasonic equipment such as SPI, AOI, reflow oven, screen printer and others are supported.

PanaCIM-EE Gen2 – More than an Executer

The eight modules of PanaCIM Enterprise Edition Gen2 provide a complete integrated management of the SMT floor. In order to increase the productivity, reduce costs and enhance the quality of the product it can be tailored to support one machine or over 1000 machines. PanaCIM EE Gen2 comprises of eight modules, which can be installed individually according to customer needs and requirements. It provides modules for material control and verification, production control, traceability, analysis, monitoring and maintenance module. PanaCIM EE Gen2 is a multi-level manufacturing execution system and supports from machine level to cloud level.

DGS Automatic Program Generation and BOM Update – The Must-Have

The time and effort of creating and updating programs under HMLV is a key issue. With one simple command, either through command line, CUI, or even your existing GUI system, importing CAD / BOM, creating PCB data, choosing a line and setup, optimizing, creating a program, and downloading can be done automatically and seamlessly.

Hardware Innovation: Exquisite!

Generation neXt – The Newcomer

The Panasonic NPM-WX provides a higher line throughput and improved quality at lower cost thanks to integrated automated systems. Available feeder set up and component supply navigation systems helping to reduce the work variations. Parts supply from tape, stick and tray feeder are possible. Thanks to NPM-WXs integrated systems, component diversity and available options it represents the perfect solution for automated SMT production. Connection and control via Panasonics iLNB is ensured to get full control of production and required management data.

Marker – The Laser Beam

Panasonic’s Laser Marking Machine LPS-C can be integrated into production lines to produce high precision marks on PCBs. To ensure marks are placed on exactly same position, a PCB recognition mark function is integrated for position correction. Using the LPS-C machine the quality of marks are significantly improved as laser marks cannot be worn off like paper marks can. The machine can be placed in line with any SMT production line and is to integrate into PanaCIM.

Paperless – The Cleaner

Introducing a cost-saving and eco-friendly cleaning solution Panasonic launches the SPG Printer with its paperless cleaning method. The new cleaning option completely eliminates paper from the screen printing process. The state-of-the-art squeegee system cleans the bottom surface of stencils with superior performance. It combines six squeegee blades and an innovative vacuum system, creating a sweeping motion across the bottom of the stencil surface to remove any solder and chemical debris.

NPM-VF – The Oddshape Component Tamer

Panasonic’s current machine models offer something to suit all manufacturing requirements and every production need. High volume and low mix or high mix and low volume, Panasonic equipment is designed to be adaptable and flexible. With “Beyond SMT” Panasonic offers special equipment to place odd-form SMT components or to process PTH components: the new NPM-VF is a versatile and flexible machine that allows various configurations of head tools and machine feeder configurations to adapt to different types of components, may they be provided from stick, radial tape, tray or bulk feeder.

PLR – The A.I. Hand

Panasonic’s Parallel Link Robot (PLR) uses the simple “direct teaching” method. It is carried out by means of hand-guided “learning”, in which the movement of a human hand is recorded and stored with extreme precision. The 6-axis PLR is available for a number of applications like PTH component insertion, assembling, adhesive application, soldering and wiring and other work that is still manually done. A combination of multiple applications with just one system is also possible. The incorporation of PLRs at the end of an SMT line makes it possible to comply with quality specifications and simplifies complicated placement procedures, such as processing special components.

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