NOVOSENSE Introduces 16/24-Channel Automotive LED Driver at PCIM Europe 2024

Highly integrated driver with dimming functionality addresses demands of latest dynamic vehicle lighting applications

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NOVOSENSE Microelectronics, a semiconductor company specializing in high-performance analog and mixed-signal chips, is demonstrating a new 16/24-channel driver IC for automotive LED applications at PCIM Europe 2024. The compact and highly integrated NSL21916/24 is an automotive-qualified device that offers a variety of driving options for up to 16/24 channels and features flexible dimming and control capabilities.

The NSL21916/24 has been developed to address the demand for high-channel-count linear LED drivers resulting from the new and emerging automotive lighting systems being developed to meet functional, safety and aesthetic design requirements. Target applications include rear lights, exterior lights and general automotive interior and body lighting. At PCIM 2024, NOVOSENSE will be providing a live demonstration of the new IC in a rear lighting application.

“LEDs have become fundamental to vehicle lighting systems as OEMs look to create systems that deliver high brightness, advanced functionality and diverse options for customization and aesthetics,” says Yang WANG, Product Line Marketing Director at NOVOSENSE. “The latest sophisticated and dynamic lighting schemes demand high-performance multi-channel LED drivers and the highly integrated NSL21916/24 has been developed to address this demand while offering flexible LED control and minimizing the need for additional components.”

Qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 1(Tj from -40 °C to 150 °C), the NSL21916/24 supports individual control and high-side currents of up to 100 mA for each channel. A 2-bit global and 6-bit individual current setting combined with 12-bit independent PWM dimming and phase shift PWM dimming capabilities ensure precise and flexible LED brightness control. On-board programmable EEPROM allows the same device to be configured for different applications, while a built-in UART/ digital interface supports a variety of control and diagnostic functions. Addition of a standard CAN physical layer allows this interface to be used for long-distance, off-board communications without any impact on EMC.

The NSL21916/24 is supplied in a HTSSOP38 package, has a low dropout voltage of just 600 mV Max. (@ 50 mA) and provides multiple regulation with LED open-circuit, LED short-to-ground and single LED short-circuit diagnostics. A configurable watchdog timer can be used to automatically configure failsafe states when connection to the host microcontroller is lost, and a patented thermal sharing mechanism that dissipates heat via a shunt resistor protects against excessive temperature rises.

PCIM Europe stands as the foremost international exhibition and conference encompassing power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management. Since its inception in 1979, the event has served as the convergence point for industry specialists and academics, unveiling cutting-edge trends and innovations. This event effectively showcases the complete value chain, spanning from components, drive control, and packaging to the ultimate intelligent system solutions.

PCIM Europe will take place at the Messe Nürnberg in Nuremberg, Germany, from June 11-13, 2024. NOVOSENSE is in Hall 9, booth 636.

Learn more about NOVOSENSE’s portfolio here.

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