New Perfect Wireless Interconnect announced by ITT

by donpedro

A new Perfect Wireless Interconnect for hand-held devices which boasts improved signal transmission and reception and no field failures has been launched by ITT Interconnect Solutions.
An additional challenge on such wireless applications is to provide a high specification interconnect to fit into extremely limited board space – in the case of an antenna interconnect, the available space measured only 0.3mm by 1.0mm and had a working height of 0.90mm.
To meet these constraints and provide an optimum solution for manufacturers, ITT ICS designers created the new Perfect Wireless Interconnect – a 300k psi domed interconnect contact with a minimum of 0.5N of force and 0.60mm of deflection which holds true signal integrity through the antenna. The Perfect Wireless Interconnect has a reduced length to fit tight spacing, yet withstands manufacturing stresses and remains stable on the board.

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