New low ESR polymer capacitors from Panasonic suit many different applications and are now available from TTI, Inc.

by donpedro

Panasonic’s new OS-CON™ and POSCAP™ series polymer capacitors can now be ordered from TTI, Inc., the world’s leading specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components. Featuring very low ESR values, a wide capacitance range and an extended life span, the devices are suitable for many different applications, including automotive, industrial and telecommunications.
OS-CON series aluminium solid capacitors benefit from a high conductive polymer electrolyte material and excellent noise reduction capabilities and frequency characteristics. The devices have a long life span and since the electrolyte is solid, the ESR has little change even at low temperatures. Technical details include a voltage range of 2VDC up to 100VDC, a capacitance range of 3.3μF up to 2700μF, an operating temperature range of -55˚C up to +125˚C, an endurance of up to 5000h at 105˚C and up to 2000h at 125˚C, ESR values down to 5mΩ, a ripple current of up to 7200mArms, and a height of 4.5mm up to 13mm. POSCAP series solid electrolytic chip capacitors feature excellent performance for high frequencies while maintaining a low profile and high capacitance. The devices are also highly reliable and have a high heat resistance. The anode is sintered tantalum and the cathode is a highly conductive polymer


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